Hi, my name is Lorraine and I love the sims ♪★ 。☆

Sims goals n’ stuff

 feel like it’ll really help me if I have a guideline of things I’d like to do in both The Sims 2 and The Sims 3. 

I’d like to:

  • Complete a full legacy (following official rules) in both games and document it on this blog. 
  • Start making custom content again! I really only know how to do it for TS2, but maybe one day when I’m feeling adventurous I’d like to try it out with TS3. 
  • Make new friends in the community.
  • Complete every non-career related LTW in The Sims 2 without cheating. (This is going to take me forever but I’d really like to try!)
  • Participate in challenges in the community (maybe a Round Robin? Do people still do those? Or a GoS monthly theme!) 
  • Follow like every simblr ever made

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